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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 7, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> no one is listening to your telephone calls. that's not what this program's about. >> president obama answers questions for the first time about the government's secret phone data collection program. this was while giving a speech in san jose. >> the president addressed the controversial issue at the conclusion of the bay area visit. we have coverage of this with katie marzullo at moffett field where the president took off.
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>> first, though, matt keller is at the fairmont hotel where president obama spoke this morning. >> it is back to normal in downtown san jose with the barricades down and traffic is moving freely in front of the fairmont hotel. president obama was inside less than two hours ago giving a speech on health care reform but that was overshadowed by a new spying scandal. >> a couple hundred people gathered outside the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose to catch a look of the president leaving his motorcade from moffett field ending the trip to silicon valley. >> too late, everyone. >> what did you do? loud. >> president obama was discussing health care reform at a news conference but revelations that the national security agency is looking at phone records of verizon customs overshadowed the speech. the british newspaper identity guardian" says the court order covers records of every mobile and land line phone call from bring 25 through july 19.
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>> what the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls. they are not look at people's names. they are not looking at content. >> the british newspaper "the guardian" and the "washington post" say the n.s.a. and the f.b.i. appear to be looking wider under a program code named prism giving the federal government access to e-mail, documents, audio, video, photographs and other data belonging to foreigners outside the united states who are under investigation. the "washington post" says several silicon valley companies are participating in the programs, including apple, facebook, google, and yahoo. those companies released statements saying they only provide the government with user data required under law. president obama says these programs didn't start with him. >> it is interesting in folks are on the left but also folks on the right who now worried about it, who were not very
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worried about it when it was a republican president. >> leaders of congress intelligence panel say the program has been in place if seven years and actually recently stopped a significant terrorist attack at home. >> thank you, matt. now, to southern california president obama has just arrived. we have pictures of marine one. he is trying to diffuse this country's surveillance country preparing to meet with the president of china about chinese cyber attacks and spying. first, this afternoon, president obama will attend a fundraising luncheon in santa monica. this is video of the president taking off from los angeles airport and then headed to palm springs for a meeting with new chinese president xi and katie marzullo joins us from moffett field where president obama
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departed this morning. >> it is as if the table could be turned, president obama is scheduled to meet with the president of china supposedly to talk about chinese cyber attacks and, also, cyber bullying but now, of course, the president in the middle of his own online and phone data collection problems. he took off before 10:00 a.m. when the motorcade showed up at moffett field and when the president got out of the limousine at the bottom of the stairs of air force one he had another duty before leaving the bay area. he stopped to meet with and take pictures with a family of three from utah. dad is in the air force and this is a celebration of his last flight. their 8-year-old sob told me it was "neat" to meet president obama. then wheels up minutes later.
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we were treated to an about face of the airplane before it took off. >> air force one coming and going from the bay area, something we are getting very familiar with and as someone tweeted, after i tweeted that president has left, now remark can get back to normal. >> rebound wrapped up the bay area visit after attending two fundraisers last night, and he left portola valley after 9:00 p.m. after spending an hour and a half at the home of sun microsystems co-founder and venture capitalist. guests paid $32,400 to attend the dinner. earlier democrats welcomed the president at a reception at the palo alto home of one of the founders of online social magazine flipboard. >> he talked education. he talked about the challenges in congress. he talked about compromise. of course, he was keeping
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optimistic about america. >> the president's palo alto visit was met by protesters urging the president to oppose the controversial keystone xl pipeline project and to continue pressing for policies to slow climate change. >> this morning, an unexpected moment happened when the president officially backed up to the podium to give the opening remarks. >> good morning, everyone. it is wonderful to see all of you and i want to thank everyone who is here. i think there is only one problem and that is that my remarks are not sitting here. people? folks are sweating back there right now. >> you enjoy they were. well, it only took 30 seconds before someone got the president's his parks before he then continued with his speech. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on president obama's california visit with more in the afternoon newscast at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and
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updates on twitter. >> the heat is on, temperatures are rising across the bay area and we are under "spare the air" alert right now. meteorologist mike nicco with the latest. >> here is a look from mount tamalpais toward richmond. you can see how murky it is because we have a "spare the air" day, too much in the way of ground-based "zone is possible this afternoon especially in the east bay valley and the santa clara valley. we could repeat this again tomorrow but the thing is, on saturday, you do not have as much traffic so there will not be as much fossil fuel burning to create that. look how sunny it is, an area that will be very hot today. your neighbor to the south, livermore, is 97. 91 in napa, temperatures anywhere from four to 18 degrees above average today, tomorrow, and a drastic cooling trend for sunday and monday in the seven-day forecast.
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now more news. >> raley's is having a hard time getting the word out to shoppers of a cyber attack. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> lost the customers have not heard of the cyber attack. lots of signs in the front, nothing about cyber attack and nothing at the check out counter. they are telling people they using a technological approach. they are trying to spread the word of the cyber attack on the stores telling customers to check their bank statements for any unauthorized my e-mail last night and ithis morning. word has not reaped everyone. will. >> i never heard. >> raley's is conducting an internal investigation and notified the f.b.i. so far they have nut found any victims. >> we were the tar guest an
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attack. but we do not know if it was successful so we want people to be aware. >> that is not good. not good. >> william walters says this is why he doesn't use credit cards. >> i deal with cash. i don't have most electronic accounts so if i need to get something off line i buy a temporary card. stuff like that. you can not just the internet. >> this gentleman will be more careful. for now. >> probably not going to use my credit card today. wait-and-see how it turns out. >> most people we spoke with responded with a shrug of the shoulders. >> this goes around all the time and so far nothing has happened to me i have been lucky. i am careful with my stuff. really nothing we can do about it. >> check the bank statements if you shop at raley's or nob hill
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and while irdoing that raley's says they will do what they can to tighten security so it doesn't happen again. >> still ahead, officials decide to shut down a major california nuclear power plant and what led up to that move. >> the controversial give away going right now in the south bay
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the serial killer known as the night stalker died at 54. heaterrized southern california in 1985, forcing some of his victims to swear to say ton, and he entered homes through unlocked doors and windows, and east los angeles residents captured him during an attempted carjacking. >> the trouble a southern california nuclear plant is shutting down, and will be closed between los angeles and san diego. it has not produced electricity since january of 2012 when unusual damage was discovered on tubes that carry radioactive water. the plant has generated power for southern california for more than 40 years. the closure will mean the loss of 1,100 jobs. >> the weekend is here and mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> you think of a place you
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could go to escape the warm weather at the coast where we will have riptides but, also, in tahoe she have had record highs tuesday, wednesday, yesterday and more record heat on the way. now, how much cooler it will be monday and tuesday, a group of protesters are facing eviction in san francisco and they say their cause is worth
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>> breaking news in san francisco this video just in, at least four people have been injured at main and market streets after a muni accident. the reports are that muni troll was unhooked from the overheadlines and lines came down on a muni bus stop. a poll fell into a crowd there, and two women have been transported to the hospital along with one girl and one boy treated at the scene. >> tree siters and other professors are vowing to do what it takes to keep a hayes valley farm in san francisco from being developed into housing. the city crews showed up at oak street but were turned back by demonstrators.
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the group has occupied the area since last saturday planting and tending to crops, this remain on, they shut and locked access gates causing workers to turn back. a spokesman vowed to continue the blockade saying unmet needs in san francisco justified risking arrest. >> there is a huge need for growing local food in the city, and we have 36,000 housing units right now, so the priority, we believe, is to maintain the open green spaces. police have ordered the professors to leave or face arrests. the group says they will stay on the site as long as it takes to change the development plans. >> happening now in the south bait owner of a campbell doughnut shot will continue to give away free foie gras doughnuts today in spite getting threats. this morning, 100 people lined up outside the psycho zoe nut store on winchester boulevard for a free foie gras bomb, a doughnut hole filled with duck
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liver. the ducks fatten the lawyers so a law was passed that you could not sell it but there is nothing about giving it away for free. >> they are doing it today because it is "national doughnut day," so there were some doughnuts consumed in the newsroom, without the foie gras of. >> this was a chicago high this morning? >> i missed out on that. >> but you didn't miss out on the heat wave. >> everyone is going to get it, it will be warmer at the coast but not super warm. are graduating the seniors today now, good morning, everyone, we at the high school, the wildcats, technically, you start will show you some graduations at 6:00 but you will get this identity there, on los gatos, we early and check out the temperatures, 5:30, 90 degrees by the time the services are over and the ceremony, rather, will be down to 82, and now, headed over to lafayette, we are going to the high school in
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lafayette where it will be warm at 86 at 5:30 and down to 79 as we graduate the seniors today. there are a few graduations in brentwood on a football field in brentwood and it could be around 100 degrees so be careful there. >> check out what is going on, we are looking at live doppler 7 hd right now and it is showing a lot of dry air out this. in fact, it is going to show some winds, with small craft advisory in the bay water and the delta and big breakers along the coast up to 12' so that is why we have a small craft advisory until this afternoon. the clouds dissipate and we have high pressure sinking air, it will not be an offshore wind right now so we will have clouds along the coast and you can see the stagnation in the air, in the film that is developing and that is the pollution that is being trapped and why we have that poor air quality today and
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likely tomorrow, the two hottest days in the forecast. we will have a dramatic drop in the temperatures on sunday and monday so stick around for that in a minute and a half. the east bay valley is where it will be hottest and we are already near 80 and danville and walnut creek 81 and brentwood and antioch, 81 and 82 degrees and the bay shore, mid-to-upper 60's to 70 in san jose and a delightful if not cool 55 in half moon bay. temperatures are down in the south bay, and morningen hill, gilroy, los gatos, and the depth of the valley, low 90's. the peninsula, a lost mid-80's, until you get to san mateo and millbrae, mid-to-upper 70's, and near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and mid-80's to low 90's in the north bay with mid-60's or 20 to 25 degrees cooler at the beaches, and berkeley and oakland, and mid-to-upper 70's and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's in the east bay shore and valleys, up to 100 degrees today and tomorrow.
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we cool off tonight under clouds, and upper 50's to mid-60's. now, some of the south facing beaches, natural bridges, boardwalk, twin lakes could have string rip currents through the evening hours. if you are headed to the sierra, we have had record high temperatures in tahoe, and 88 today, 90 tomorrow, and muggy in tahoe. on sunday. the seven-day forecast, same tomorrow, but, sunday, look at that, dropping four to 16 degrees from the coast to inland and we drop another two to eight degrees on monday, below average, and tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we will see a warming trend. the next two days, be careful, and, again, the pollution bothers you, try to stay inside. we have a big walk tomorrow at the marina, so we hope it will be cooler there. >> lot cooler. at 9:00 in the morning. >> still probably in the 60's.
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we are walking at noon. >> ouch, it will be around 80. >> okay, lots of water. >> i am cooking for everyone, by the way the. >> now, we have to go. that is great. >> ledge endary. mike you are not going away because you have "purr-fect" pet coming up. >> a couple of kittens, i believe it is kitten month.
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>> coming up at 3:00 on "katie" the biggest stars on broadway and a new health hazard with the celebrities. and at 5:00, the certain to find
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those responsible for takeover bank robberies in the bay area. so far there have been three just this week alone. >> now, friday's "purr-fect" pet. >> the kids are watching at home, we are not coming home with these. they are adorable. from the east bay spca, how are you? >> very well. >> tell us their names. >> they is hermes, and prometheius, and they are brothers and have siblings at home. they are two months old and ready to go home the. >> you adopt a kitten in the month of june, we will wave the fee on adult cat. >> we have always adopted two, so they would have someone to play with or someone to mess around with. these two they get along pretty well? >> they have so much fun
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together, theying play with anything. >> he wants to get back over this. you want to take a swipe with your brother, don't you? >> they are cats that have extra toes, they each have six toes on the front paw. extra surface wiping area. >> if you are interested in cats or kittens, you are covered. give them a call. >> very impressive. thanks for joining us.
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>> hello, and welcome to millionaire. joining me today and sitting at $31,600 is a magician who is just 1 question away from round 2, and that question is worth $25,000. from chicago, please welcome scott green. hey, scott. [cheers and applause] all right, scott, let's be honest about the last time you were here. that was tough... >> yeah, i-- >> really tough going. you were sweating. >> i was sweating bullets, but i got past that, and... [laughter] i'm hoping i don't need this thing today, because to be honest, i have no idea what happens to it after i put it in my hand. >> oh, my gosh. all right, well, you've got the magic down. that's for sure. and we made you earn every penny. the last three questions were all the big money. you're on the last of the last questions in round 1. this one is worth $25,000.


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